The modern home

A modern home?

Modern home owners are now holding on interior magazines vision about their home area and they forgot sometimes that there are thing which are making our home more comfortable and good looking and these are the little details not the furniture. The appearance the your wooden floors have in your home is not easy to explain , but imagine your home without your warm and welcoming wooden floors and maybe than you are going to realise that they are very important for our home environment!

Years of experience has learned us that detail is important and if you want to make a new memories first you need to remove last. Scratches and marks on your wooden floors make them look messy and anything you put on top of them no matter how pretty it is will not stay proper before starting a sanding procedure!



Test your floors

Test your floors
Wooden floors are the most solid and classic material in each home this days. The elegance that wooden floors are showing us and keeping the fact that it last for many decades is making wood flooring an attractive for informed house owners!
If you have a hardwood flooring, you can refinish it and bring back the in it sparkle again!
Wood as a material base is a porous and vulnerable. Many people today usually choose to help their floors last longer as protecting them against moisture with sanding. A simple test to find out your floor condition is to place a drop of water on it- if the drop isn’t absorbed, or takes a few minutes to soak in,this mean that your wooden floor may be in good shape, but in case the drop soaks in immediately- this mean that it is time for renovation !


Modern home restoration

Modern home owners are now holding on interior magazines vision about their home area and they forgot sometimes that there are thing which are making our home more comfortable and good looking and these are the little details not the furniture. The appearance the your wooden floors have in your home is not easy to explain , but imagine your home without your warm and welcoming wooden floors and maybe than you are going to realise that they are very important for our home environment! Also they are not important only like a pretty classy thing they are made from natural breathing material with is very healthy for your home and specially when they are in prime condition! We know the best techniques in order to make your floors look stunning again! Contact us 24/7 every day you need experts in flooring!


Fashion fades, only style remains the same- C. Chanel

We love our working occupation and to give a good care to your old and shabby wooden floors in bad condition. As a family firm with big experience we also want o share with you some tips so you can keep your floors longer lasting and protected. 

There are many different types of harm which depend on how big is your family ,do you have any pets, how long you live there and many more reasons for bad condition so here are couple of tricks which are going to effect good on your wooden floor at home- stop the use of abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your floor, do not use steam mops on your wood floor, don’t drop the cleaning product directly on floor, and try not to wear your high heel shoes on wood floors and do not allow pet stains remain untreated and maybe these little thing will help you keep your floor smooth , but if it is already harmed try sanding !


Standards in sanding

Standards we have in floor sanding speak how good we are as team workers ,as experts,as firm with knowledge in wood floors. We are making sanding, refinishing, polishing, staining and many more procedures in order to bring back the light on top of your floor surface,and this is for real, because with sanding floors are reflecting the light million times better -this is fact that we know because we know how to care for wood flooring.

We have so many uncountable stunning results and we are happy to see the smiles on our clients faces when they see how well done is the job. Our website is full of examples of our hard work and effect of it ! Take a look now!homes-for-sale-326988_1920.jpg

Wooden floor remains of a stability!

Whatever is changing in the world, your traditional wooden floor remains of a stability!  Solid and practical but also welcoming and pretty whenever it is in your home, shop, office or anywhere!  Make sure they stay in prime condition!  When you see that marks, scratches or even gouges have taken over, it’s time to take renovation!

You always have to give foremost consideration to the issue of the renovation’s cost. There are also many various ways that our company can help you with. And as the actual expense of renovation varies, you still must set a budget and we can help you to get the best for your wooden floors!

Our specialists in floor restoration will answer any question you have! Book a free consultation now!


Better kitchen ,better living

Wood structure is like a bundle of drinking straws. Under a microscope the end grain of wood you can see the many tubes and vessels that are bound together to form the wood structure. These ‘drinking straws’ were used to transport water and nutrients up and down the tree when it was growing. We know that water can enter the end grain of wood 1000 times quicker than water entering the side (tangential or radial) face as the water is drawn up the ‘straws’ by capillary action.

So your kitchen needs sanding from time to time- contact us 24/7 when you need experts!10606120_539896659443167_2440108179199839095_n.jpg