Flooring ideas for reclaimed parquet

Flooring ideas for reclaimed parquet.
Our client base has really started to change. There are many young designers and architects thinking about how to use our material from imaginative finishes. People today look for creative inspiration and floor thoughts on social networking platforms such as Instagram where thoughts flow.

‘As reclaimed’ finish
We’ve provided reclaimed parquet flooring that were fitted without being sanded in any way. This makes a’lived in’, or even a random look, such as the flooring pictured below. We have a commercial demand for this kind of parquet, for use in shops, offices, bars and cinemas.

The problem with’no-sanding’ is that this requires block which is in excellent condition. Ideally all of it might have been thicknessed in order that there are no’trips’ between the blocks. This seems cool but is normally costly. The blocks will need to be the best condition available. They will call for fitting-clean preparation as well as thicknessing before going near the store floor.

A flooring with personality

The following alternative is to sand with care to acquire a floor with personality. This means utilizing the coarsest grit sanding belts accessible to remove the worst of the old lacquer and grime. Then, when you are happy with the’appearance’ of this floor, go on to another sanding moves with a medium grit, followed by a finer grit and so on. This usually means that you have ceased removing material and you are at the finishing point concerning the way the floor will look. The floor will be ‘obsolete’ in appearance.

Finish with a matt or satin lacquer or hard-wax acrylic to seal the floor and keep the’worn out’ style.

Back to bare
This is a clean fresh appearance. More or less the way the parquet could have looked when initially installed 50 or 80 years back. Sanding until nothing of the old coating or dirt is abandoned, produces a neat, pristine floor, despite the material being recovered.

Lots of people love this style. It’s possible to finish it super-glossy, satin or very flat matt lacquer or even hard-wax oil. Whichever you pick will make your style announcement.

And eventually…

Parquet has always been a excellent floor selected due to its hard-wearing properties. In earlier times many people have sat to a school assembly hall floor, extremely happy it was wood.

Customers both residential and designers are looking at utilizing parquet in different ways also. On the floor and then continuing up it the walls such as. Making table tops, cupboard doors and work-tops. On a critical note, reclaimed parquet is a superb alternative for flooring. We shouldn’t squander timber that has got a helpful life. Reclaimed parquet can still have another incarnation.

We would be really interested to learn about your flooring thoughts.

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