How to Stain Hardwood Floors: Choosing the Right Wood Stain

The Selection Process
Locate the perfect stain on your floor and your home

Hardwood flooring does not get enough credit for its flexibility. People tend to believe that all wood looks basically the same. That is until they try to select a wood stain and realize just how many options they have. Light, dark, natural, daring? The options are overwhelming. As you understand how to stain hardwood floors, keep these important factors in mind:d3d11c1e27ad589462864c4556881a16

Wood Species
Various species of wood take to the staining process in very different ways. For example, walnut, cherry, maple, and pine floors are difficult to spot evenly and often look better with no stain at all. Oak, in contrast, is quite easy stain and provides up lots of colour options. Bear this in mind as you browse via stains, and don’t be afraid to reach out to an expert. Should you act early enough, there may be ways to modify the sanding and healing process to create your blot project easier complete.

How much light, both natural and artificial, does the space get and what kind of ambiance are you currently trying to make? Lighter stains show off more of their wood’s natural features and can help to open up a room that’s cramped or dim. Darker stains have the reverse effect and are good for rooms with a comfortably cozy feel, or that are already quite bright.03-hardwood-floors

Even the best-kept hardwood floors will start to show signs of wear and tear over time. If you’ve got a lighter stain those scratches and scratches and likely to stand out more. Darker stains will tend to hide these inevitable imperfections, but they also conceal the features that provide the hardwood its unique character.

You are free to decorate your house in almost any way you need and buck any fashion trend that you don’t like. If, however, you are choosing a more seamless appearance, keep in mind that lighter stains tend to compliment more rustic and traditional looks. Darker stains look better in modern settings. This means you can use the staining process to replicate the present look and feel of your home, or give it an entirely different feel and look.

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