How to make your old hardwood floors like new again!

shutterstock_507145186Hardwood floors can last a very long time but keeping them looking new and fresh can be a challenging task. Occasionally replacing them is not necessarily the best choice. Here we’ll talk about a few methods to liven those older floors and cause them to glow once more.

Distract from the defects

Lets face it all flooring will endure over time. They will collect scuffs, scrapes and dents along the way that in some cases add to the personality and in others create your floors look older and ragged. To assist, try distraction methods that draw the eyes away from your flaws you don’t want folks to see. Clean them up, add a little bit of paint or add a conversation piece close to the flaw such as a accent chair that garners all the attention.

Adding layers



Bored of yours floors, add several rugs to soften the room and remove a little bit of thelimelight out of the older floors.

Keep the light away

Sunlight streaming into a room on a lovely might seem fantastic but it will bleach your floors and flip them a gorgeous shade of orange.

Open it up

Sure it seems excessive but it truly isn’t that tough to accomplish and the difference it will make for your residence is remarkable as well as the floors will shine again.


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